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Wieland Supralloy stands for a new generation of bronze strip. Supralloy bronzes are very fine-grained with higher mechanical strength and also good bending properties. The fine-grained structure is achieved through a special thermo-mechanical treatment of our strip in Wieland-B14, Wieland-B16 and Wieland-B18 Supralloy bronzes.

The benefits for you

  • Very good bending properties and much higher strength
  • Lower plating costs
    Formed contact zones are smoother and make thinner precious-metal layers possible.
  • Lower costs
    Supralloy bronzes are the low-cost alternative to high-performance alloys and hyper-phosphor bronzes.
  • Wide range of properties
    Due to the standardised composition of Supralloy bronzes, they can be used immediately without re-approval.
  • No critical components
    This makes Supralloy bronzes a low-cost alternative to copper beryllium.


Wieland helps the manufacturers of connectors and electromechanical components by optimising conventional copper alloys. Thus where conductivity demands can be reduced, expensive high-performance alloys can be avoided.

The main advantages of the new Supralloy bronzes Wieland B14, Wieland B16 and Wieland B18 are outstandingly suitable for miniaturised connectors in electronic applications. The fine microstructure means that formed contact areas (e. g. in spoon contacts) are significantly smoother, which is advantageous for subsequent electroplating with precious metals.


Using the same bending radius Wieland Supralloy gives a much higher strength than standard bronze: The yield strength Rp0,2 is by 100 to 150 MPa higher for Wieland B18 Supralloy, at the same time giving much smoother bending edges.

*Reference values in MS/m
Wieland DIN EN ASTM JIS Electrical conductivity*
Designation Number Designation Number UNS-No. JIS-No.
B14 CuSn4 2.1016 CuSn4 CW450K C51100 C5111 13.0
B16 CuSn6 2.1020 CuSn6 CW452K C51900 C5191 10.0
B18 CuSn8 2.1030 CuSn8 CW453K C52100 C5212 7.5

Current metal prices

Officials (Prompt) 07/19/2019
Cu (Settlement) 6,066.00 in USD/t
Zn (Settlement) 2,427.00 in USD/t
EUR (Bid) 1.12025 USD
All details and charts
Large view
Strength vs. cunductivity

Strength vs. conductivity

Large view
Microstructure of Wieland B18 Supralloy

Microstructure of Wieland B18 Supralloy