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Multi-gauge Strip

Large view Multi-gauge Strip

Why multi-gauge strip?

Multi-gauge strip can eliminate costly manufacturing operations after stamping, and it opens up new ways to produce electrical and electronic components: Components, which used to be assembled from two or more parts, can be obtained from a multi-gauge strip in one single stamping operation.

An important advantage of multi-gauge strip used for electrical applications is the fact that there is no need of joints with possibly increased electrical resistivity.

Stamping multi-gauge strip is more cost-effective than stamping single-gauge strip and coining certain areas in order to reduce their thickness:

  • lower stamping forces
  • less complicated and lighter die
  • higher stamping speed

Why milling?

Other ways to produce multi-gauge strip material are rolling or forging. However, producers of electrical connectors or leadframes for discrete semiconductors appreciate the milling technique because of a number of reasons:

  • Hardly any limits for the cross section, including multiple channels.
  • Prevention of internal stresses because the strip is not deformed during contouring.
  • Low tool costs. This is important for small production lots and a quick market launch of new products.

Large view Rolled profile
Large view Milled profile


Strip width
2.0 - 140 mm
Milled width
0.5 - 100 mm
Strip thickness
0.2 - 3.0 mm
Max. milled depth
approx. 2.0 mm
Min. residual thickness
approx. 0.08 mm

Advantages of milling

  • Milling does not produce any stresses and allows dimensionally accurate transitions between thick and thin sections. The tooling costs are low.

Advantages when stamping contour-milled strip

  • Less coining or folding, requiring simpler tools; strip consumption per stamped part is reduced.
  • Simpler stamping tools, resulting in reduced costs for new tools and maintenance.
  • Lower stamping force, higher stamping speed.

You will find more detailed information in our brochure "Contour-milled strip".

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