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Material Lead-free Low-lead Lead-containing
Wieland designation SW1 M57 M41 Z41/Z48* S71 GD1
ISO CuZn21Si3 CuZn42 CuZn38As CuZn40Pb2 CuZn33Pb1,
EN CW724R CW510L CW511L CW617N CC499K
UNS C69300 C27450 C38000
Processing properties
Machinability [%] (CuZn39Pb3:100%) 80 70 50 95 80 70
Cold forming properties fair poor good poor good not possible
Hot forming properties very good very good fair very good fair not possible
Mechanical properties (reference values)
Tensile strength Rm [MPa] 700 500 400 500 400 275
Yield strength Rp0.2 [MPa] 400 330 250 400 330 130
Hardness HB 200 150 110 140 120 85
Elongation [%] 25 25 30 20 25 35

Corrosion resistance
Stress corrosion resistance yes yes, with special measures yes, with special measures yes, with special measures yes, with special measures yes
Dezincification resistance*** yes no yes no yes yes
Seperate scrap cycle yes no**** no**** no yes yes
*There are stricter specifications in place at Wieland for the use in drinking water components for a number of elements compared to the respective product standards.
**The material is not standardised.
***Dezincification test according to ISO 6509 and the relevant product standards.
****From an economic point of view, a separate scrap cycle makes sense.